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American Horror Story: Episode Review

By Shayla Stringfield As we get into the fourth and fifth episode of American Horror Story, we are now diving deep into the background of Roanoke. Not only do we find out the mystery behind “The Butcher” (played by Kathy Bates), but we also find the whereabouts of Lee’s daughter, Flora. In the beginning of episode 4, Shelby … Continue reading

American Horror Story: Episode Review

By Shayla Stringfield As you might have noticed, the new season of American Horror Story has now been released, with its theme being “My Roanoke Nightmare.”  In case you did not know, Roanoke Island (now known as North Carolina), was a colony founded by English settlers in 1587. While the town was starting to flourish, the … Continue reading

The MANE Choice: Review

By Shayla Stringfield Are you tired of using the same hair products, and receiving no results? Has it been years since your hair has grown beyond your usual length? If you answered yes to these questions, it’s time for a new product! I know it might be hard to determine what hair products will work with … Continue reading