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Kehlani Drops Her Debut Album SweetSexySavage

By Lexi Russell SweetSexySavage is R&B singer Kehlani’s third major project, after her mixtapes “Cloud 19” and “You Should Be Here,” however, it is her first official studio album. The 19 tracks on the album speak volumes to young people everywhere on topics about love, growing pains, and self-empowerment. Anticipation for the album was enlarged … Continue reading

Drake’s Pusha T Diss Shakes the Hip- Hop World

By Lexi Russell For the celebration of Drake’s 30th birthday, he dropped a brand new show on OVOSound radio on Apple Music. He announced that he would be  releasing a mixtape closer to the holidays, but he gave his listeners a quick taste of what is to come. The 6God dropped three new songs entitled, … Continue reading

Solange’s “A Seat at the Table” Sits at the Top of the Charts

By Lexi Russell ‘A Seat At The Table’ is not only a melodic masterpiece, but it invites Black people to celebrate and share their culture. It seems to be a conversation starter on every social media platform from Twitter to Tumblr. Each song has a different theme including being considered different for being black, getting … Continue reading

Gunman On Campus Causes Chaos and Controversy

By Lexi Russell A safety alert was sent to UMD students’ mobile devices in the late afternoon Tuesday. Word soon spread that there was a gunman seen near Ritchie Colosseum with an AR-15 assault rifle. Many students described the weapon as what is commonly used in the first-person shooter video game, Call of Duty.

Marc Jacobs Dreadlock Comments Strike Controversy at New York Fashion Week

By Lexi Russell Cultural appropriation is a phrase that is becoming more and more prevalent in not only the media, but in everyday conversation. Lately, there has been controversy over African-American hairstyles that have been previously deemed “ghetto” or “ratchet” but are now “stylish” and “chic” coincidentally, when non-African American people wear them. Some view … Continue reading

Yeezy Season 4: Revolutionary or Disaster?

By Lexi Russell Kanye West’s “Yeezy Season 4” clothing collection was revealed in a secret location last Wednesday in New York City. On this hot summer day, the flaming collection nearly melted to pieces, literally. The exclusive fashion show was kept under wraps and was only available for Tidal customers.  Several A-list celebrities made appearances in … Continue reading

Body Shaming: Is Zendaya a Good Role Model

by LEXI RUSSELL As we all know, Zendaya is one of today’s youngest style icons and has been gracing us with her fabulous looks for years. However, does the Disney star’s beauty overshadow what she represents? A little over a week ago, there was an incident on twitter that raised questions about Zendaya’s rather slender body … Continue reading

Kendrick’s Controversial Performance Sets the Grammy Stage Ablaze

By LEXI RUSSELL On February 15, hip hop royalty graced the Grammy stage. Although it has been a few months since Kendrick dropped his latest album To Pimp A Butterfly, his musical ‘black power’ message still resonates with his fans. He performed his inspirational summer anthem “Alright” and man, did it shock the audience. When … Continue reading