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We all scream for ice cream…and social justice

By Alexis Ojeda-Brown Ben and Jerry’s, the successful Ice Cream franchise which originated in Vermont, has never shied away from voicing their opinion on social and political issues, from climate change to LGBT equality, the company has used all of its social media platforms to bring awareness to various issues—now police brutality and racism are among … Continue reading

Luke Cage Review: Marvel’s “Newest” Hero is a Bulletproof Black man in a Hoodie.

  This past Friday, September 30, Netflix released the series premiere of Marvels most timely and relevant character yet—A bulletproof Black Man in a hoodie. (Click Here for the  official Luke Cage trailer.) Luke Cage, also known as Power Man, was originally introduced to the Marvel universe in the early 70s and, unlike his Black superhero predecessors, … Continue reading

Taking a Knee for Justice: Sports, Protest and Politics

By Alexis Ojeda-Brown The year is 1968, at the Mexico City Olympics and runners John Carlos and Tommie Smith both win bronze and gold medals for the United States, respectively, in the 200m race. During the medal ceremony, as the anthem plays, both athletes hold their fists up in the air in silence until the … Continue reading

It’s Not “Just Hair.”

By Alexis Ojeda-Brown This whole movement for natural hair may seem a little extreme to some, especially to those who aren’t Black women. Hair is just hair, right? It’s ridiculous that how your hair naturally grows out of your head affects how society looks at you. There is no way that wearing your hair naturally … Continue reading

What Happened, Nina?

By ALEXIS OJEDA-BROWN The upcoming biopic “Nina,” which tells the story of the late Jazz singer and civil rights activist, Nina Simone, has been receiving heavy criticism. The controversy surrounding the film started in 2012 when the announcement that Guardians of the Galaxy and Avatar star, Zoe Saldana, would be portraying the iconic soul singer. Saldana, who is Afro-Latina, … Continue reading

Cam “Crybaby” Newton? I don’t think so.

By ALEXIS OJEDA-BROWN The Carolina Panthers were overwhelmed by the Denver Broncos during Super Bowl 50, losing 24-10. And while this super bowl was supposedly Peyton Manning’s last game of his career, the biggest topic of discussion seemed to be focused on Panther’s quarterback, Cam Newton—and no, it wasn’t about his signature Dab. Having been called a … Continue reading

State of the Art: Spreading Political Awareness Creatively among Students

By ALEXIS OJEDA-BROWN With the 2016 presidential elections heating up, it seems like the perfect time to talk politics on campus, and the UMD chapter of the NAACP took advantage of this moment and did just that. Bringing political awareness to students across the campus with an artistic twist, on Wednesday, February 10, the UMCP’s NAACP … Continue reading