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Is this how people really see Black women? The Riri Williams story

By Simret Aklilu When Marvel Comics announced that its next character to continue the iron man legacy would be a Black, MIT engineering student named Riri Williams, the minority community was beyond elated. But when the much-anticipated comic book arrived, what followed was a wave of criticisms concerning the cover’s sexualized features attributed to young, … Continue reading

The Significance of the Cubs’ World Series Win

By James Marrow What happened the last time the Chicago Cubs won a World Series? The stock market was recovering from the Panic of 1907, when the New York Stock Exchange fell nearly 50% in three weeks. The Wright Brothers unveiled their airplane to the public with a newly included passenger seat. Henry Ford’s Model … Continue reading

A Breakdown of the AT&T-Time Warner Merger

By Makayla Johnson AT&T and Time Warner have officially decided to join forces in the media realm. AT&T, the second largest cellphone carrier bought Time Warner, owner of CNN, HBO and TNT for $85.4 billion.

Drake’s Pusha T Diss Shakes the Hip- Hop World

By Lexi Russell For the celebration of Drake’s 30th birthday, he dropped a brand new show on OVOSound radio on Apple Music. He announced that he would be  releasing a mixtape closer to the holidays, but he gave his listeners a quick taste of what is to come. The 6God dropped three new songs entitled, … Continue reading