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American Horror Story: Episode Review

By Shayla Stringfield As you might have noticed, the new season of American Horror Story has now been released, with its theme being “My Roanoke Nightmare.”  In case you did not know, Roanoke Island (now known as North Carolina), was a colony founded by English settlers in 1587. While the town was starting to flourish, the … Continue reading

Obama to black voters: “Go vote”

By Simret Aklilu President Barack Obama delivered a vigorous speech urging the African-American community to vote for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at the Congressional Black Caucus on Sept. 17.

Marc Jacobs Dreadlock Comments Strike Controversy at New York Fashion Week

By Lexi Russell Cultural appropriation is a phrase that is becoming more and more prevalent in not only the media, but in everyday conversation. Lately, there has been controversy over African-American hairstyles that have been previously deemed “ghetto” or “ratchet” but are now “stylish” and “chic” coincidentally, when non-African American people wear them. Some view … Continue reading

Acts of Racism Against African-American students at American University Spark Outrage Across Campus

By Makayla Johnson Tensions are rising on American University’s campus after two racially-motivated incidents occurred on campus early September. One African-American student said bananas were thrown at her in her dorm room, and another student said she found a rotten banana in front of her door. The incident is still under investigation for the students … Continue reading

UMD Dining — No return on investment

By James Marrow University of Maryland students returned from summer vacation this year to the campus’s new dining plan. The plan is an all-you-can-eat, Anytime Dining system that is similar to most universities in the Big Ten. In the Anytime Dining system, there is a ‘base plan’ that will include North and South Campus dining … Continue reading

Black Political Science Association resurfaces with major changes

By Simret Aklilu UMD’s Black Political Science Association (BPSA), formerly known as the Black Political Student Association, is making a comeback in the 2016-2017 school year after a short-lived hiatus, said junior Government and Politics major and current president of the BPSA, Breonna Massey. In the past, BPSA has provided a safe environment for minorities to … Continue reading

Maryland Public School Will Start After Labor Day

By Tomi Adeboyejo Gov. Larry Hogan signed an executive order to make all Maryland public schools start after Labor Day and end by Jun. 15. On Aug. 31 Gov. Hogan announced the executive order at the Ocean City Boardwalk in Maryland. The new order is to take effect by the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year.

Taking a Knee for Justice: Sports, Protest and Politics

By Alexis Ojeda-Brown The year is 1968, at the Mexico City Olympics and runners John Carlos and Tommie Smith both win bronze and gold medals for the United States, respectively, in the 200m race. During the medal ceremony, as the anthem plays, both athletes hold their fists up in the air in silence until the … Continue reading

The MANE Choice: Review

By Shayla Stringfield Are you tired of using the same hair products, and receiving no results? Has it been years since your hair has grown beyond your usual length? If you answered yes to these questions, it’s time for a new product! I know it might be hard to determine what hair products will work with … Continue reading

It’s Not “Just Hair.”

By Alexis Ojeda-Brown This whole movement for natural hair may seem a little extreme to some, especially to those who aren’t Black women. Hair is just hair, right? It’s ridiculous that how your hair naturally grows out of your head affects how society looks at you. There is no way that wearing your hair naturally … Continue reading